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Fore Play

Fore play


L.A.'s historic Bellstone Country Club is famous for its star-studded membership, championship golf course, and glamorous parties. Here, sexy golfer Mandy Manville is expected to win the club's Women's Golf Championship, which will qualify her to tee it up with legendary golfers in Scotland's Cialis Open. But when ex-college star golfer Jody Benson joins the club, Mandy's beautifully manicured nails become claws as she stops at nothing to keep the newcomer from entering the tournament. Meanwhile, the Bellstone president's bet on an upcoming heavyweight fight could cause an already struggling club to go bust. Add in a corrupt priest with a free membership, a down-and-out ex-movie star working as a caddy, an LAPD cop on the take, a pregnant stripper on the hunt for her baby's daddy, and you'll find yourself laughing, hooting, booing, cheering, and maybe even taking up golf!


"A company of spineless, scheming men try to gouge a California country club for every penny it's worth in Sheehan's seamy, steamy comedy of errors."

-kirkus reviews

"Good book, great read! Laughs, sex, golf, and good wine. What more could you want?"

-Danny Jacobson, Creator and Executive Producer of NBC-TV's Mad About You

"Sheehan's plot is witty and droll, and very easy to get caught up in. I had a grand time reading Fore Play. It's highly recommended."

-Readers' Favorite

"For a rollicking read, Fore Play delivers a hole in one in this engaging and funny novel from the rousing story to the high-voltage characters."

-Sublime Book Reviews

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Get the inside story about making wine in Napa. "...wonderfully realistic and intelligent...revealing a wine culture that's effortlessly entertaining." - LIterary Titan

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From author Linda Sheehan, who’s part of a Napa wine dynasty, comes a story of grapes, wine, first crushes, and juicy redemption that only a wine country insider could tell.

Dreading the desk job that awaits her after high school, eighteen-year-old Vivian Goodyear takes off for pre-World War II Paris, where she supports herself as an artist’s model and has a fiery affair with a struggling painter. Flash forward to modern day Manhattan where, inspired by Vivian’s courage, her grand-niece Samantha leaves her pressure cooker career to work harvest at one of France’s most legendary wine domains. There, between picking grapes in the vineyard and crushing them in the cellar, she gets lessons in the art of making wine and the art of making love from gorgeous Julien LeMont. But when cultural differences turn her life upside down, a link from Aunt Vivian’s past could salvage her future in a tale of being on top, sinking to the bottom, and coming up for glorious air.

“highly enjoyable” 

-kirkus reviews

“Grand and glorious” 

-Readers' Favorite

“page turning... sensually romantic”

-A woman's write

“magical and totally absorbing

-authors reading

“highly recommended” 

-midwest book review

Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 10.15.03

 “A highly enjoyable tale of love, wine, and passion with juicy deft plotting. Readers will receive an enjoyable education on winemaking as Sam learns and works. Indeed, the emphasis on Sam’s dreams give the book an admirably feminist bent.”

– Kirkus Reviews

In the Press


Linda Sheehan is a career writer living in Napa, California where she’s the co-owner of Poe Wines that makes highly acclaimed Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Rosé, sparkling wines as well as organic grapefruit vermouth awarded 95 points from Wine Enthusiast Magazine. “Decanted” is her second novel.


Besides indulging her passion for great wines, she pursues her addictions of horseback riding and golf.

About the Author



PR contact: Ann-Marie Nieves

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